Deryk Makgill

This new site is a work in progress. It’s built with static html to be fast and lightweight.

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I plan to revive the daily blog by January 1, 2020 or sooner.

Me in 1 Minute

I’m working on several publishing and research projects now and I write on Bitcoin at Breaking Satoshi and (soon)

I’ve been a startup marketer, a COO, a freelancer, a researcher, a web designer, a photographer, a cook, and a lecturer on careers, education and economics.

I dislike credentialism (I have no degree), quackery, and central-planning. Some of my interests are Objectivism, classical language and literature, rare books and bookbinding, and the history of Bitcoin.

I make things here, around the web, and (increasingly so) offline.

I live in farm country surrounded by grass-fed cattle.

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You reach me at